Our Training Programme

What can Tabadoul do for you? 

We connect the brightest and best in Belgium to opportunities in the private sector and experts in the labour market. Our accessible and comprehensive programme combines targeted skill development, professional mentoring and digital training in fields including marketing, communication, ICT and business development.

Our services are for women of a migrant background with professional skills,  with aspirations to enter into the Belgian workforce, whom we connect to female professionals in the private sector.

To get started, please fill out our initial evaluation form  and our team will be in touch.


The Programme 

  1. Recruitment and profiling of mentors / mentees
  2. Tool development / programme adaptation
  3. Training of mentors using the ‘mentoring across differences’ methodology
  4. Further develop strong partnerships with private sector
  5. Implement programme of 4 month period, including ongoing monitoring and evaluation, mentoring meet-ups (remotely or face-to-face) and online platform to develop specific skills (digital skills, CV workshop, info on the Belgian labour market etc.)
  6. Promotion and sustainability plan


Some of our partners include :

  • European Business Innovation Network (WEHub)
  • Digital African Women
  • Systers Community of Anita Borg Institute
  • European Network of Migrant Women
  • Africa in Diaspora Network of Europe
  • Migrant Women Organisation in Belgium
  • Institute of Strategic Communication
  • WIN Network
  • European Business and Professional Women
  • Angel.me crowdfunding platform
  • Looking for more potential partners