The Tabadoul Network

Why Tabadoul ?


What is Tabadoul?


Tabadoul is a mentoring programme & platform designed to connect migrant and refugee women with business aspirations and skills, to the women in the private business sector in Belgium. It is a universal skill enhancing scheme, tailored to the needs of the local labour market, as well as the programme participants, that facilitates migrant/refugee women access to the private sectors of Belgian economy.
The main idea behind this platform is that mentoring – like integration – is never a one-way process; there is always something that both sides (mentor and mentee) can benefit from each other. However, this is best achieved in a nurturing & stimulating environment that opens up an avenue for a real exchange and learning. This is what Tabadoul offers: a combination of tailored support, targeted skill boosting and cultural understanding – all enhanced by high level digital technology, business expertise and the diverse, strong partnership of our team and the supporters of our programme.
Tabadoul is a baby conceived from the experiential knowledge, passion and commitment of a small group of women who want to make Europe a better place for migrant and refugee females to re-build their lives in a dignified & sustainable way and become active European citizens. This baby was born by the midwifery of Digital Leadership Institute and partners.
Tabadoul is a programme that departs from the ideas of victimisation and stereotyping of “refugee women” but has at its heart their dignity and their potential.
Tabadoul wants to connect women – across cultures, ethnicities and skill sets – because the Tabadoul team knows what unites women is more than what divides us. Tabadoul also knows that women can and will change the world.
While we are starting from Begium, we hope to unroll Tabadoul to other European countries.

Who are we?

We are a small, Brussels-based group aiming to foster dialogue between women in the private sector in Belgium and women of a migrant background who have professional skills and / or previous experience in their chosen field.

Tabadoul is the Arabic word for ‘exchange’, chosen to represent our core values of inclusivity, dialogue and mutual empowerment.

Our carefully tailored programme asks all mentors and mentees to participate with a willing to learn – we recognise that the sharing of experiences is a two-way dialogue and a learning opportunity for all women.

Our Objectives

  • Improve the employability of women with a migrant background in the Belgian private sector
  • Sensitising the the Belgian business community


We are dedicated to enabling real, sustainable change for our participants and beyond, and aim to have the following impact:

Improved business skills, self-confidence and adaptation of existing skills to suit the needs of the Belgian private sector, in addition to an increased understanding of legal, financial and digital requirements in their specific business field.

Increased diversity and awareness in the Belgian private sector, with sustained dialogue between the target groups (women of a migrant background with existing skills / experience and women established in the private sector in Belgium).

Better profiling and enhanced on data on women with a migrant background, and the added value they can bring to the business community.